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    It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of mirroring what your competitors are doing to please their customers in order to satisfy yours. But neglecting to gather specific feedback from your own customer base can be a slippery slope towards failure. Not sure where to start with this? Leave it to us.

    Our Voice of the Customer solution aims to take the stress of data collection and analysis off your hands by gathering important customer insights on your behalf and providing clear trend data from the results. You can then use it to determine actionable next steps to drive bigger and better customer/business benefits.

    By putting your customers first and tailoring your offerings to their feedback, you don’t just increase satisfaction and get first-hand insight into their pain points, you also maximise your capacity to increase profits—it’s a win-win.

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    Whether you need help starting from scratch with your customer experience strategy, or you’re looking for ways to optimise your current efforts, our software can help build the customer-centric culture you require.

    Our Voice of the Customer tools are designed to ensure you gather the most useful information from your customers and leverage the findings by creating an organisation-wide strategy off the back of your newfound knowledge.

    Our software can help you compare NPS scores over time, identify specific pain points for your current and potential customers, as well as show you where further internal training or work is needed.

    Key features of our Voice of the Customer platform include:

    Access to a wide range of survey distribution methods with feedback collected via IVR, SMS, online (including email, web, and webchat) and mobile apps.

    Access to a fully customisable customer experience analytics dashboard which keeps track of everything from KPIs, customer responses, trends in your data, and much more.

    Access to an extensive selection of internal team and management tools which will help you to incentivise your staff, as well as identifying any gaps for training to provide the very best customer service.

    Showing your customers that you value their opinion can make all the difference to how they perceive and interact with your business — and can be the driving force you need to try something new that will raise your profits. With our Voice of the Customer tools, we can help you unlock important customer insights and make better, more-informed business decisions.

    Mat, Paixao, Director of Revenue

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    If you’re looking to take your customer service experience to the next level, then we’d love to hear from you. In our initial chat, we’ll talk about your current strategy and how our software can help you keep your customers happy, your staff motivated, and increase your profits along the way.

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