Innovation that’s all about the outcome

Innovation that’s all about the outcome

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We take a broad approach to digital innovation by combining clever technology with decades of experience in tackling organisations’ business challenges and ambitions.

This includes everything from creating killer customer journeys to enhancing working processes behind the scenes. We’re results driven – it’s not about the technology, it’s about the outcome.

Our services

Application modernisation

The apps you use directly impact your team’s productivity. Let us help you find the contemporary solutions your business needs to reduce frustration, streamline processes, and increase throughput across departments.

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Digital Creation

To find the right solutions for your business, you first need to truly understand your challenges. We’ll employ a broad range of technical skillsets – ranging from legacy programming languages to modern cloud-based solutions – to ensure that we understand your business as well as you do.

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UX & Design

Digital user experience has the power to enhance or destroy relationships. Onboarding the wrong kind of tech has the potential to both make everyday tasks harder, and to simplify complex processes. We’ll help deliver the best solutions for your business’ needs.

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Strategic Consultancy

An effective digital strategy can help your business stand out from the crowd. With our IA solutions, we can help you use actionable insights, team experience, and leading automation technology to achieve the cohesive digital future that your business deserves.

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Our solutions

Claims Operations
The way you handle claims hugely influences your services and reputation. We can help you revitalise your claims processes, improving customer experience and retention, reducing costs, and increasing fraud detection. For better service, and a better bottom line.
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Customer Self-service
Give your customers the control they’re looking for while taking the pressure off your frontline teams. Our self-service solutions make claims handling so much easier. Enhancing the customer experience, reducing costs, and minimising response times in one simple step.
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Finance & HR
Ever wondered if there could be a better way to manage the more repetitive tasks involved in finance and HR? One that would reduce manual errors and improve productivity? We have clever tech designed to do just.
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As part of this bold transformation programme, the client wanted to create an intuitive and responsive digital platform that would provide great CX without interruption—solving a pain point for both their employees and customers.

What we do best

With just the right mix of technical expertise and tried and tested solutions and services we can work with you to deliver enterprise-scale transformation for your business. Here’s what you can expect when working with Davies: 

Global partners

We can do it all. Whether that means partnering with the best platforms globally or developing a customised solution for you ourselves – we’ll do whatever is right to create the best solution for your business.

Digital enablement

We can help you deliver a modern customer experience without needing to overhaul your legacy architecture. We have a number of innovative solutions that can provide a frictionless layer between the two.

Integration with legacy systems

We use AI and robotics to provide clever technology that works alongside your existing operating models and legacy business systems – and we do it at pace.

Power to your people

Create a working culture that values innovation and works to get the best out of your people by automating mundane duties. Empower your employees by augmenting their day-to-day tasks. All while reducing costs.

Our own take on innovation

We tackle each project using our ‘Connected Intelligence’ model. This novel approach combines the best human, artificial, robotic and systems intelligence as a single capability to conceive, conceptualise and deliver solutions that release unmatched value in months – rather than years.


Vulnerable customers: Are you basing your digital transformation strategy on all your demographics?​

Digital transformation strategies often overlook vulnerable customers. To avoid exclusion, organisations need an inclusive approach that considers accessibility, affordability, digital skills training, and human alternatives.

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AI and automation: A reality check on infrastructure preparedness

The ROI on enterprise-wide AI initiatives averages just 5.9%, falling short of the standard 10% cost of capital. As such, many organisations are finding that their investments in these technologies are not delivering on their promise. So what is going on here? Is the tech just not quite as good as we hoped, or are these businesses simply struggling to integrate them into their operations effectively?


The evolution of digital transformation: Then vs. now

Digital transformation. Two words you’ve probably heard a lot if you’ve been anywhere near the corporate world in the last decade. Yet, like a wine that gets better with age, its true depth and impact have only become more clear over time.


Driving sustainable growth: Is your business set up for success?

There are often three pillars associated with sustainable growth in business—these are, environmental, societal, and economical. Each of these serve as a driver for businesses to boost their revenue potential and are all important aspects to consider when looking at how to offer customer service that makes a difference. And technology can help you in your endeavours towards this.  

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