Value your employees like your business depends upon it – because it does

Value your employees like your business depends upon it – because it does

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Behind every successful business is a team of happy and healthy employees

Davies understands people management. We know that success isn’t just about getting bums in seats. A healthy business doesn’t just monitor employee performance, but employee happiness, engagement, and loyalty too. And we have all the tools you need to do just that.

80% of executives rate employee experience as important or very important to them and their companies

Success isn’t just about bodies behind desks

Davies supplies a suite of tools to help you measure and enhance your employee experience, for better performance, happier teams, and a more successful, open working environment.

We can help you say, hand-on-heart, that you have your employees’ best interests at heart. And do everything you can to provide your workforce with a happy and stable working environment.

Our solutions

Employee Retention

You get what you give. So, to attract and retain the best talent you’ll need to consistently care for and develop your employees.

Our employee experience (EX) products enable you to connect and collaborate with one clear end goal in mind: motivated people ready for success.

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Employee Engagement

When your employees are more engaged, they’re more committed to the job, motivated, and likely to outperform expectations – and that’s good news for you.

Davies EX products enable you to build a meaningful employee experience, by understanding your employees and prioritising them based on their needs.


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Employee Wellness

Strong performance is only facilitated by a stronger connection to your employees, offering them a safe and comfortable space that can be the springboard to their success.

We can help you say, hand-on-heart, that you have your employees’ best interests at heart. And do everything you can to provide your workforce with a happy and stable working environment.

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Our products

Voice of the Employee

Give everyone a soapbox, all at once. Our VoE product does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a solution designed to get vital employee feedback to you, so you can organise and grow your business accordingly.

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Annual Survey

Our classic survey option will help you measure employee engagement and performance year-on-year.

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Pulse Survey

A flexible survey option that allows you to continuously measure the impact of your actions whenever, wherever.

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Mood Tracker

It’s time to talk about how we feel. Mood Tracker is designed to help create an easy line of communication between employees, team managers and your Human Resources department.

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Learning Retention

Encourage and enable continuous development with our learning partner, Errol Owl. Making learning fun through regular quiz-style questions, the platform helps team members to understand what learning they have retained and remind them of essential points they may have forgotten

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All the tools you need under one roof

Meet Bedrock – our Employee Experience platform. Keep a handle on your entire Employee Experience program with our platform that collates all of your Voice of the Employee data all in one place, meaning that all responses to your Annual and Pulse surveys are ready and waiting whenever you need them. With intuitive dashboards to ensure that your most important scores are always to hand, you can dive deeper into the meaning of each report with our suite of Insights tools, with just a couple of clicks.

We’re not just about the tech

The Davies team are the experts in employee engagement and we want to share all we know with you. That’s why we offer continued support to make sure you get the best out of your EX program. Helping you address problems quickly so you can get back to what really matters – making your employees feel valued.


Service with Respect: Lloyds Banking Group shares insights on combatting agent abuse

The right to feel safe and supported in the workplace has been a prime focus for the Institute of Customer Service since July 2020 when the Service with Respect campaign was first launched. Abuse of staff, whether in a face-to-face environment or working in a contact centre, is clearly unacceptable but unfortunately has become the reality for a proportion of the workforce.

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The vital role of employee engagement in effective customer service

Happy employees are more likely to deliver a good customer experience and create happy customers; happy customers are more likely to be loyal customers; and loyal customers are more valuable to your business. 


The changing world of work and its impact on customer and employee experience

In February 2020 few could have foreseen the paradigm shift that was about to occur in the way people went to work. From the office being the centre of the work (and social) universe we suddenly found ourselves working from home. Such a significant shift will bring with it implications for both employees and the customers they serve.

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