Automated Process Discovery

Finding pinch points you never knew existed

Automated Process Discovery

Finding pinch points you never knew existed

All businesses are complex, with a variety of tasks utilising employee time.

Holistic processes supporting these tasks are often well understood, but the reality is every employee will be impacted by day-to-day micro-processes that often don’t have visibility. Our Automated Process Discovery capability lets you determine what those processes are, how impactful they can be, and whether they are ripe for automation.

Meet our research analyst

Our technology has been created to sit on each employee’s computer, working as a dedicated research analyst. Silently watching as each process is executed, over time, the tech will learn how your operations are performed and come to identify which can be automated. It will then wireframe that process and build baseline automation capability without human involvement.

Data-driven automation

Once opportunities are determined, we can work with you to prioritise and fully automate those processes, utilising best in class technical capabilities. Our methodology and advanced AI solutions allow us to do this at speed for rapid integration.

Continuous improvement

But no business stays static. Because your processes will continue to change over time, our research analyst technology can monitor what processes and tasks your employees facilitate as their roles evolve. This allows us to make further recommendations of automation opportunities. Thus, keeping your technology vital and your business moving forward.

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