Don’t let your website
be a dead-end



Don’t let your website
be a dead-end


Let your customers decide when, why and how they want to contact you. Our Callback solution enables web visitors to easily pivot from web to phone and speak directly with your contact centre.

75% of customers find the idea of a callback ‘highly appealing.

Seamlessly link web visitors directly to your contact centre

Callback provides a pivot for web customers who decide they need to talk to a real human being.  

Bypassing complex IVR choices, queuing systems, and tedious repetition, Callback transfers the context of a customer’s web visit to call handling agents, enabling the fast-tracking of enquiries and high-quality interactions for your business.  

Combat customer communication challenges

  • Reduce friction by streamlining contact escalation.
  • Enhance the customer experience, by letting your customers decide what’s right for them, and when.
  • Maximise the potential of your call centre agents and achieve higher customer retention.

How it works

Rapid channel pivoting

  • Giving customers the option to transfer to speak to an agent can rescue abandoned sales.
  • No complex IVR choices, no waiting in hold queues, just knowledgeable help when you need it.
  • Relevant information about the caller and their enquiry is provided directly to the agent, saving time as well as creating an immediately personalised conversation.

Security assured

  • Securely hosted in the UK using the very best ISO27001 accredited data centres.
  • Callback is a cloud-based solution that uses the very best tech to create some amazing benefits.
  • AI bots efficiently pass conversations on to a live agent with the context fully intact, but all data protected.

Scalable and flexible

  • Devised for compatibility with email, SMS, web, and other platform interactions, Callback provides a flexible solution that can be scaled according to your call centre capabilities.
  • Calls can be routed to specific parts of your team, according to customer needs – and you’ll always have a view of future call volumes.
  • A fully customisable interface means that Callback can be completely tailored to suit your business – and your customers.
In under a year, it has allowed us to secure around £0.5 million in premium income. Simon Wassell Head of Regulated Telephone Sales, Halifax
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