Relationship Management

Joined up, future-proof relationship management that makes everything better

Relationship Management

Joined up, future-proof relationship management that makes everything better

Create a scalable and secure digital foundation that strengthens customer relationships through joined-up touchpoints and improves agent experience through more efficient working processes.

50% of organisations have little to no understanding about their customer journey.

An end-to-end view of operations and customer journeys

The experience your customers have is as much about the effective processes your business uses behind the scenes as it is customer-facing touchpoints. Our Relationship Management solution can help you transform those areas, creating a digital-first business that can be automated and virtualised.

Many businesses are grappling with successful but aged processes, significant overheads, and unnecessary complexity, such as:

  • Fragmented ‘hands on’ end to end processes
  • Operational complexity – multiple systems
  • Inefficient/unstructured data processing
  • Siloed applications and processes resulting in disconnected customer/agent experience

The above can stunt digital growth and result in missed opportunities to meet business objectives as well as unexploited possibilities.

It’s time to take a focused, end-to-end view of operating models and customer journeys, and really consider how to transform these as part of your wider digital strategy.

Tackle your challenges step by step

Implementing our Relationship Management solution can feel like a big undertaking, but we’ll help you break down this task into manageable chunks, consider your broader digital strategy, and provide an early opportunity for ROI. All while improving the overall processes, bridging technical silos and upgrading customer experience.

Reach your business goals and smash KPIs

Clever tech and streamlined working processes can resolve the loss of opportunity often inherent in the status quo. Here’s more ways in which Relationship Management can create new possibilities to achieve your business objectives:

What it does

Digital foundation

  • Creates a future-proof, secure, cloud-based solution that can scale
  • secure digital foundation that can be automated and virtualised
  • Real-time connectivity – data streamed to/from PAS systems will centralise customer events in a single view
  • Event-driven architecture – converts “unstructured” data in to clean, curated customer events
  • Abstracts/replaces legacy systems which are unable to support the new model

Operational effectiveness

  • Works as a decision-making tool to help you know which customers to contact, why and when.
  • Rule based alerting – which will automatically prompt action based on events or changes within the data
  • Automation – virtualise/automate/evolve manual processes to free up employee time for value-creating activities
  • Channel pivoting – enable customers to seamlessly interact with the business whilst moving the conversation across different channels (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)


Always-on insight

  • Evolve from data ‘snap-shots’ to constant capture, monitoring, and alerting of personalised product insights
  • AI to improve personalisation/recommendations (both individually and for different customer ‘types’)
  • Set targets, goals and visualise performance against them over time
  • ‘Virtual’ worker to help capture new information and provide alerts/’nudges’ via multiple channels
  • It doesn’t just provide customer insight but gives Managers and Team Leaders a greater view of what their staff are working on
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