Say goodbye to long and frustrating customer call queues


Say goodbye to long and frustrating customer call queues

Don’t just tell your customers you value them – show them.

There are few things more infuriating to customers than being told that their ‘call is important’ while waiting endlessly on hold. Our callback technology, QueueBuster, means callers never need to suffer call queues again.

Up to 15% more calls can be handled using QueueBuster.

98% of customers report an improved contact experience.

Give customers a way out of the dreaded call queue

QueueBuster works by capturing inbound calls and giving callers the option to hang up, taking their place in the queue so they aren’t kept waiting on hold.

When the customer’s call reaches the front of the queue, QueueBuster automatically calls them back and connects them with an agent.

If the customer is engaged or doesn’t answer, QueueBuster will inform the agent and retry the call according to your rules. If the call goes to voicemail, the agent can leave a polite message, and tell the system to retry the call later.

Tackle contact centre challenges

  • Enhancing the customer experience, removing the most compelling source of contact frustration.
  • Increasing agent productivity and reduces stress levels, allowing for up to 15% more calls to be handled.
  • By increasing the number of calls handled and reducing abandoned calls by up to 12%, you can increase your business revenue, as well as customer satisfaction.

How it works

Expedited call handling

  1. When customers call your contact centre, QueueBuster intercepts and offers a callback, according to your rules.
  2. Once a callback has been accepted, the customer is asked to confirm their name and number and hangs up, allowing QueueBuster to take their place in the queue.
  3. QueueBuster connects to an agent, relays customer details, and calls the customer back, connecting them to the agent.

Flexible process adoption

  • We offer a range of scalable QueueBuster solutions – because all businesses are different.
  • Our volume-based pay-as-you-go programme is ideal for businesses that experience variable call numbers, including those with seasonal fluctuations.
  • Our perpetual licence model has been devised for brands that experience a consistent and predictable level of traffic, such as telecoms and insurance providers.

A low-risk research-based solution

  • We offer a free analysis of your inbound call patterns to see if QueueBuster can help.
  •  You can try QueueBuster for a trial period to see if it works for you

We’ll stick around and support you

QueueBuster can normally be implemented within a few days, but Davies won’t bolt as soon as you’ve got the tech up and running. Our team will be on hand after implementation to help you:

  • Enable you to understand how QueueBuster fits within a larger contact and customer experience landscape.
  • Get set up to capture insights that inform your future customer contact strategies.
  • Monitor and fine-tune the performance of your QueueBuster solution, based on lessons learnt and changing business needs.
“QueueBuster means we are capturing business we might otherwise lose. It’s about customer service and keeping customers happy.” Ross Holmes UK Resource Manager, STA Travel
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