Intelligent Contact

Reach your customers on the channels they want, whenever they want

Intelligent Contact

Reach your customers on the channels they want, whenever they want

Our solution uses conversational IVRs and bots across customer touchpoints to create a unified communication process that works for you and your customers.

89% of customers retained by companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement.

90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels.

Goodbye static, siloed communication channels

Our Flexible AI Platform helps you be there for your customers anytime, anywhere.

Simply instruct our bot to accomplish a task and deploy that bot on any channel: chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and IVR, web, mobile chatbot, SMS, and your contact centre.

The platform provides the channel, routing, and automation capabilities that supports those all-important face-to-face conversations.

Helps with your bigger picture business challenges

  • Incorporate your wider business strategies into communication workflows.
  • Joins up customer touchpoints, allows customers to easily channel pivot – bridging technical silos and creating a better customer experience.
  • Allows you to personalise service for each customer based on their preferences and needs.

How it works

Personalised CX

  • Our Omnichannel solution enables you to reach customers through their preferred channels: chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, IVR, web, mobile chatbot, SMS, and contact centre.
  • Tie in third party CRM systems to deliver the right customer info at the right time.
  • You can add new channels and integrate with existing channels without starting from scratch. Update the flow once and all channels benefit.

Channel pivoting

  • The solution will work with your contact centre, allowing your AI bots to pass a conversation on to a live agent with the context fully intact.
  • Your bots can collect information that can help live agents assist customers more efficiently and cut back on call handle in the process.
  • No channel should work in isolation – allow customers to start the conversation in one and then seamlessly switch to another, all without missing a beat.

Human touch

  • Understand customer needs with AI sentimental analysis.
  • Speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine interprets conversations to learn your customers’ intent and then gets the right jobs done based on exactly what they need.
  • Enables well-timed course correction and avoids missed opportunities.
  • Sentiment can also get you vital insight into customer experience as it happens.
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