Basic Hire Rate

Overcome the challenges of credit hire claims. Simply and effectively.

Basic Hire Rate

Overcome the challenges of credit hire claims. Simply and effectively.

With Davies pioneering validation tool, and our dedicated team of claims experts, we can help you find the evidence you need to protect your business and reduce costs.

How it works:

Our validation tool, VeriRate provides the market’s largest archive of vehicle basic hire rates (BHR) data. Devised to support clients throughout the resolution of credit hire claims, the digital platform is unique within the industry, delivering geo-specific, current, or historic, BHRs for every day of the year, and from any location in the United Kingdom. All supported by an experienced team specialised in the provision of supplementary, case-specific expert data.

  • 75+ million vehicle basic hire rates across 2,700+ UK locations updated at daily a rate of 100,000

Witness statements

Sometimes you need more context to fully evidence the truth – or otherwise – of a claim. Sometimes, you need an expert’s perspective.

Whether you’re working through pre-litigation, seeking to close claims before they reach the courtroom, or seeking professional evidence to support you once you get there, Davies Basic Hire Rate provides the technology you need to get to the heart of credit hire claims. While our experts are here to provide the comprehensive reports and testimonies necessary to authenticate that evidence.

For more than a decade, Davies has been helping clients to find the impartial and independent evidence they need to achieve the results they deserve.


Case Studies

From saving money to saving reputations, Davies can provide the support you need through all vehicle hire claims scenarios.

Read on to see how we have helped other clients.


Claims Case Studies
“Thank you very much for attending court. Overall, a very pleasing result. Counsel commented on how knowledgeable you were and how straightforward and honest you were giving evidence. That certainly helped. So, thank you again and here’s to the next one.” Fee Earner at Leading London Law Firm
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