Claims AI

Expediting the claims process with industry-leading artificial intelligence

Claims AI

Expediting the claims process with industry-leading artificial intelligence

Reduce claims handling time – and mistakes – with our automated claims processing service.

With simple deployment and an intuitive interface, Davies Claims AI, Kuarterback can handle 85% of your low-value claims.

  • 91% of read medical reports auto valued
  • 99% accuracy on 83% of medical reports read
  • Auto-processing delivers £170 lower than average market settlement


How does it work?

Davies Claims AI has been designed to convert content into structured data fields. This allows claims to be automatically processed against a set of agreed rules and valuation matrices to generate a claim value. Saving your team time and effort, reducing data entry errors, and delivering faster results for your customers.

 To date, we have auto-processed more than 12,000 claims 

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Saving 25 mins per handler per claim through time lost reviewing reports and inputting data
  • Reducing indemnity spend through automated KYO and benchmarking
  • Eliminating inputting errors that lead to inaccurate claim valuations/settlements
  • Enhancing data insights without manual data capture
  • Reducing rate of claims progressing to Stage 3 as compared to wider market
  • Price per claim cost model outstrips all other alternatives and delivers instant return on investment
  • No need to wait for costly system deployment – with Claims AI you can be up and working in a week
  • Also supports non-MoJ cases


“Kuarterback has been an outstanding success. It has allowed our people to reduce the amount of time they spend on processing, reviewing, and assessing medical reports – something that is very necessary but at high volume is time consuming, repetitive and mechanical in nature. We have been very pleased with the results in relation to the way we deal with claims and our customers. Our handlers have more time to spend on areas where they add maximum value to our claims proposition and the customer journey which is in turn making us more efficient. We have also found that Kuarterback allows us greater agility. We are more easily able to review how we can refine our processes, get better at what we do and deliver indemnity savings. We believe the Kuarterback solution developed by Keoghs is innovative, the best that is out there and we are pleased to have been part of this success story.” Director Top 10 UK Insurer
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