Streamline your claims processes, with our digital claims processing capability


Streamline your claims processes, with our digital claims processing capability

Enhance your customer experience and reduce claims resolution time by up to 70% with our intelligent data capture facilities.

70% reduction in claim lifecycle.

How it works

Davies’ E-claim enables customers to take control of their claim through proprietary AI technology. Integrated with policy data and using bespoke questions with dynamic responses, our unique admin functionality allows E-claim to be tailored and white labelled without lengthy system development.

Updating claims platforms in real time, Davies E-claim reduces claims lifecycles. API technology enables E-claim to incorporate other third-party data such as geolocation, mobile phone network provider and product validation. It delivers intelligent insights to claims handlers, reducing fraud and delivering efficiencies to the claims process to enhance the customer experience.

For insurers, this translates into a smarter, streamlined service, with enhanced fraud detection delivering a boost in customer satisfaction and reducing complaints.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with policy databases through API’s minimises input for customers and increased data accuracy for clients
  • Admin functionality allows rapid deployment within days without the requirement for system development
  • Range of white labelled options available from a single logo to fully branded
  • Configuration is completely bespoke based on specific policy requirements ensuring relevant information is captured – whatever the insurance line
  • API functionality enables integration with other third party software such as the Vehicle Licensing Agency’s database – automatically pulling through details to save time for the customer
  • Enables us to identify third-party intervention opportunities earlier in the claims journey & plays a key role in controlling indemnity spend
  • Integrated payment collection and customer chases automates admin processing and increases efficiency

Strong technology investment for the future

Significant investment will see additional functionality rapidly introduced to E-claim in phases throughout 2021/22 which will deliver true end to end digital claims journey. Davies E-claim is already delivering significant benefits for our clients and their customers across pet, motor, gadget and travel claims. Enhancing performance, enabling auto-payment, improving communication, and mitigating risk. This is why Davies is committed to continuing to invest in new technology and always will be.

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