Mood Tracker

Empower Employees to Better Balance Their Work and Personal Lives



Mood Tracker

Empower Employees to Better Balance Their Work and Personal Lives



Creating a culture of support and employee wellness.

Davies’ Mood Tracker is designed to help create an easy line of communication between employees, Team Managers and your Human Resources department. A simple app enables employees to keep tabs on their mood and report back when things are getting them down.


61% of employees feel burned out on the job.”

31% reported high levels of stress.”

Empowering open conversation

An unhappy team is never a productive team. And in many cases, employee discontent comes down to an impression that they are undervalued. With Mood Tracker, every team member is given the opportunity to express how they feel and easily seek support. Because sometimes, asking for help is harder than seeking a new position elsewhere.

With the ability to track how they have been feeling over time, employees have the opportunity to not only seek help when they need it but to identify any patterns of unhappiness or potential triggers of unease, allowing the right support to be provided. And in supplying your team with tools that show them their value, your business benefits from enhanced employee engagement, and improved employee retention.

Employee wellness is an area of increasing focus. Not just because it’s the right thing to care about the people who work for you but because an encouraged, supported and ultimately happy member of staff is much more likely to stick around. Bringing their experience, knowledge, and loyalty to the benefit of your customers, your team, and your business.

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