Employee Wellness

Help your team be their best by feeling their best

Employee Wellness

Help your team be their best by feeling their best

Our Employee Experience programme provides the open communication channel you need to support your teams.

Ensure your workforce are feeling their best, track their sentiments, monitor dissatisfaction, and provide the support they need to feel better. 

87% of employees expect their employers to support a healthy work-life balance

Keep employee sentiment in view

With the Davies Employee Experience platform and our flexible and intuitive Voice of the Employee product, we make it easy for you to understand how your staff are feeling.

Our Pulse Surveys provide a constant flow of feedback, helping you understand when employees are on the verge of a burnout by keeping a close eye on any employees of concern.

And our Annual Surveys help you to gain a better understanding of the wider work culture in your business – not just by allowing you to verify employee feelings and happiness levels, but by enabling your employees to whistle blow, through insightful, anonymised feedback.

Get ahead of the curve when something is going wrong, and keep issues under control.

In addition, with our Mood Tracker product, you can keep on top of employee burnout and ensure that your staff are maintaining consistent levels of high productivity, whilst feeling good about themselves and their role.

Supporting managers to better support their teams

Providing teams with direct access to their Manager or Human Resources department enables employees to seek the help and advice they need as quickly and simply as possible. Not only does this help with immediate employee wellness, but having these tools in place enhances employee engagement – and, in the longer term, employee retention.

Of course, support comes in many forms, and providing the room for self-growth and continuous development plays an important part.

Our Learning Retention product makes it easy for staff to stay clued up on what they need to know, while providing great daily activities to help employees broaden their knowledge and their skills. Managers and Directors benefit too, with the ability to easily roll out mass learning across their workforce, with a flexible approach that allows people to learn in their own time and at their own pace.


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