Voice of the Employee

Give your employees a voice 

Voice of the Employee

Give your employees a voice 

The happiest and most productive employees are the ones who feel valued.

Davies Voice of the Employee (VoE) solution provides a simple channel that allows your team to be heard. Removing the awkwardness of voicing dissatisfaction, and letting you know when you’re doing things right. Because when you boost employee engagement, and improve your work experience, employee loyalty booms and your business benefits.


21% greater business probability from highly engaged teams

Let your people have their say with quick and easy Employee Surveys

Davies VoE solution is designed to provide structured channels for employee feedback. With a holistic VoE strategy that is dedicated to listening to employees and truly valuing their feedback, you can let your team know that their opinions matter.

Our range of employee survey tools include:

Annual Surveys

A firm favourite if you are looking to measure and review your employee engagement and employee wellness levels. Providing simple year-on-year comparisons that can help uncover underlying causes of low performance.

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Pulse Surveys

With pulse surveys, you can gather real-time, continuous feedback from your people. Ensuring that you are keeping your finger on the pulse with long-term objectives, while quickly and effectively catching any grievances before they escalate.


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Take employee feedback and create a better, happier work experience

We can help you to create a culture where the giving and receiving of feedback is simply the norm.

Grow your workforce potential and tackle underlying causes of low engagement instantly, achieving a rounded ‘Voice of the Employee’ strategy through the winning combination of Annual and Pulse Surveys. Motivating your team and maximising employee retention.

Providing you with the support you need, whenever you need it

Our talented Voice of the Employee experts are available to support you from installation to troubleshooting. We’ll help you to find the best collation, analysis, and actioning processes for your business. Show you how to make the most of the in-built reporting tools, and stay up to date with information through live updates and dashboarding options.

Whatever you need from us, we’re here to help.

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