Interaction Analytics

Gaining the best actionable insights for your business

Interaction Analytics

Gaining the best actionable insights for your business

Speech & text analytics can do a lot for your business.

Allowing you to automate quality assurance, increase revenues, reduce operational cost, improve customer experiences and identify potential fraudulent claims in real-time.

Using speech analytics, we have helped our clients:

  • Reduce manual quality assurance full time employees by 65% & costs by £1.5m
  • Identify that 60% of customer contact stems from failure demand & equates to £2m missed revenue
  • Improve NPS scores by more than 20 points, bringing a £2.5m rise in annual revenue
  • Save £1.6m by identifying potentially fraudulent claims

How it works:

Delivering an intuitive, flexible speech analytics infrastructure, Davies can help your business gain richer insights, stronger evidence, and actionable recommendations from customer interactions. Allowing you to better support vulnerable customers, monitor compliance, reduce fraudulent activity, and improve your overall CX for enhanced customer retention and increased revenue.


Case Studies

Davies speech analytics solutions have already been deployed by 100+ businesses across the UK.

These are some of their experiences.   

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From our perspective, it’s been a model managed service. We’re benefiting from powerful speech analytics software, without having to buy it and we’re able to call on Davies’ experts to ensure it’s delivering the insights we need. Simon Evans Business Performance Director, Vitality
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