Contact Centre Management

Customer feedback: Get it. Use it. And grow. 

Contact Centre Management

Customer feedback: Get it. Use it. And grow. 

Customer feedback collection for contact centres

Capturing customer insights is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your service and the customer experience, powering process improvements, and encouraging employee engagement.  


88% of companies now prioritise customer experience in their contact centers

Quick surveys with lasting benefits

Customer Surveys are simple to set up and provide a cost-effective method of collecting real-time customer feedback. Through our multi-channel survey software, you can benefit from: 

IVR Surveys 

IVR Surveys allow robust sample sizes to be gathered, even at the individual agent level, providing valuable and personalised feedback. They also provide a fantastic opportunity for instant recovery of unhappy customers.

Email Surveys 

Cost-effective, customisable, and easy to automate at both ends of the journey, Email Surveys are an adaptable solution for gathering integral customer insights. Allowing customers to respond in their own time, email surveys can deliver a deeper degree of detail and insight.  

SMS Surveys 

Short, simple, and direct, SMS Surveys can deliver instant results. They’re easy to deploy, and because they require a lesser degree of engagement, customers are more likely to respond. 

Call center worker providing a great customer experience.

What can we do for you?

  1. Our IVR system for contact centres can deliver surveys following inbound calls to your contact centre. Either by agent transfer or by serving outbound calls to customers who opted in during an initial IVR process. Customers leave their responses either via keypad or using their voice. Verbatims are captured as sound files and automatically transcribed within a couple of minutes by our voice-to-text engine, with a 95% accuracy rate.  
  2. Our email and SMS survey systems for call centres can be automatically deployed following every instance of customer contact. Fully customisable, we can tailor these surveys according to the specific customer insight areas of relevance to your business.   
  3. Whichever channel best suits your business, we can ensure you receive custom data that identifies the customer, the business process, and the agent can be automatically attached to each response and used to segment results.  
  4. Verbatim prompts can be linked to any question in any survey format and tailored to previous responses through post-call IVR for call centres or email and SMS channels. They also provide a fantastic opportunity for instant recovery of unhappy customers and for collation of staff feedback.  

Put performance management in the hands of your employees

As well as providing an invaluable guide for your CX strategy, our Voice of the Customer software is a useful tool for the management and rewarding of contact centre employee performance. Allowing team members to review customer feedback relating to them – and change their behaviour accordingly.  

Engage your agents with our performance management tools:  

  • Improve focus  
  • Empower staff by providing access to customer feedback data that is relevant to them 
  • Optimise individual workflows  
  • Ensure staff appraisals and meetings are customer feedback-driven, using our 1:1 preparation wizard 
  • Recognise achievement – and award staff based on their performance and engagement  
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