Customer Relationship

Build solid customer relationships that go the distance


Customer Relationship

Build solid customer relationships that go the distance


Working with customers and team members to get it right every time

Customer service and support is fundamental to the success of your Customer Experience initiatives. Our industry-leading, customer-focused tech that can help your business get it right when it matters – building strong customer relationships that last. 

96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

Give your customers a voice

Harness the power of our Voice of the Customer capabilities to help build a customer-centric ethos, ensuring customers feel listened to and their opinions are heard. 

You can engage customers from the right channel at the right time with our Omnichannel Surveys. 

And then use this valuable feedback to refine your business strategy and optimise processes, fixing anything that is causing customers frustration and detracting from their overall experience. 

Contact center worker providing a great customer experience.

Make your customers your biggest fans

Improving interactions with customers can help deepen their relationship and loyalty to your brand. Our VoC software is here to help you identify where and how the customer’s impression of your brand is shaped.

You can gain an understanding of what your customers like (or dislike) about your brand or product with our intuitive KPI and Verbatim Insights capabilities, all housed within our Bedrock platform. And you can turn any negative situation around using our real-time Alerts, empowering you to re-engage with and turn your unhappiest customers into your biggest fans. 

Don’t forget your employees

Your customer-facing teams will often be the only representatives of your brand that your customers ever interact with. That’s why it is so vital that they feel empowered, supported and equipped to answer customer needs efficiently.  

 You can help your team to deliver high levels of satisfaction every time by giving them the right tools to nurture and support positive customer experiences.

Our Bedrock platform can provide employees with transparent access to customer data and performance metrics that are relevant to them. While Team Managers are provided with a way to check how staff are doing, set goals and objectives using our Team Management features, and celebrate when excellent customer service is provided via Badges and Rewards. 

This is all designed to help build a customer-centric culture and a sense of collaboration when it comes to customer success. 

Employees looking at customer experience solutions on a laptop.
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