Customer Insights

Turn customer feedback into positive action 





Customer Insights

Turn customer feedback into positive action 





Whether you’re looking to improve customer relations, business retention or optimise your processes, our Customer Insights software makes keeping track of your most valuable data a breeze.  

76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs.

Do you truly know your customers?

Understanding what makes your customers tick is essential to any successful business. 

Nestled within our popular Bedrock Platform, our Customer Insights software will help you maximise the value derived from your Customer Experience programme, equipping yourself with the tools you need to keep your customers happy and your business moving forwards.


Your Dashboard is your central hub for data analysis, making sure your most important metrics are always in plain sight. 

Key Features

  • Highly configurable and able to be tailored to suit exactly what your organisation needs.  
  • Driven by widgets, with a whole variety to choose from, including bar, pie, trend and  score indicators. 
  • Able to collate commonly spoken words and display these visually as word clouds, instantly highlighting areas that your customers are very happy or dissatisfied with. 
  • Can support external data sources via RSS Feeds. 
  • If your business is using our additional Badges or Team Management features, users can see how they are performing as well as their latest objectives.
  • Custom filters, that allow users to access multiple dashboards and user-defined access (so team members only see the data that is relevant to them).  


Never miss a moment of crucial customer feedback with our Alerts, designed to keep you in the loop with important customer feedback to your Omnichannel Surveys as soon as they land. 

Key Features

  • Set up Alerts on the areas you are really interested in. That might be responses to particular survey questions, or knowing when customers use certain keywords or phrases in their responses – either way, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Taking full advantage of real-time Alerts can help you identify areas for Process Optimisation, streamline your workflows and, for times when customers are dissatisfied, facilitate an unbeatable Customer Recovery process in reaching out to them and putting things right.
  • Alerts can be configured so only the right people are notified of scenarios that are relevant to them. 

KPI Insights

Analyse and apply meaning to your CX data, transforming it into tangible results that can validate business strategy, drive Process Optimisation and lay the foundations for seriously good Customer Relationships. 

Key Features

  •  With our suite of KPI Insight reports, you can dive into specific survey responses left by customers, see aggregated views of all survey questions to observe trends and patterns and track KPIs over time to assess your ongoing performance. 
  • By combining the power of KPI reports with our custom filter options, you can track customer journeys and ascertain the exact moment success is reached or frustration occurs.
  • You can build a picture of your business landscape to pinpoint areas or processes that are your biggest assets, as well as those which may need a little TLC. 

Verbatim Insights

Analyse and apply meaning to your customer verbatims (text responses) received across your Omnichannel Surveys, turning customer comments into positive actions.

Key Features

  • Customer verbatims can be categorised (either manually or by the system) using entirely customisable themes and topics that suit your business needs.
  • Once categorised, your customer verbatims can help you plan for bigger and better Process Optimisation, enabling you to map customer journeys and identify crucial touchpoints where the customer’s impression of your brand is created.
  • Instantly recognise the sort of things that are being mentioned the most, and with help from our intuitive reports, which of these things are negatively impacting your KPIs.
  • Armed with this knowledge, you can make a beeline to resolve issues causing particular customer frustration, jumpstarting your business decisions and enriching your Customer Relationships.

Survey Performance Analysis

Keep track of how your Omnichannel Surveys are performing with our intuitive Survey Performance reports. 

Key Features

  • Our reports allow you to review your survey distribution methods (phone, email and SMS) and ensure adequate response rates are being achieved, showing you exactly how many people are starting, partially completing and fully completing their feedback.
  • If you identify a survey that is struggling, swift and proactive action can be taken to help improve uptake – be that revising the question set, changing the order in which questions are presented, or altering the channel that is being used entirely.
  • Be one step ahead with our Survey Performance reports and catch any drops in engagement as soon as they happen. Also, ensure that each of your surveys is achieving maximum reach and converting requests into valuable responses.
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