Voice of the Customer

Turn customer feedback into actionable insights

Voice of the Customer

Turn customer feedback into actionable insights

Take control of your customer feedback with our Voice of the Customer software.

Gain the ability to easily collate, analyse, and take action with actionable insights helping shape the best customer experience for your business.

51% reduction in complaints in the first six months for one client using our VoC solution.

85.8% rise in customer satisfaction for one client using our VoC solution .  

What is Voice of the Customer (VoC)?

Collecting data is all very well, but how do you use it once you’ve got it? VoC not only helps you to collect customer feedback but to use the insights it provides to drive customer and business benefit.  

A successful Voice of the Customer program is built on 3 key steps: 

  • Providing a flexible and scalable tool to gather customer feedback, using a wide variety of data collection methods.  
  • Analysing that feedback to ensure that every customer experience journey is a happy one.   
  • Using your collected insights to support every level of your business, to create a customer-first culture. 

Our Voice of the Customer software can enable you to not just gather feedback but understand and action it. Maximise profit whilst putting the customer first.   

Employees looking at customer experience solutions on a laptop.
Call center worker providing a great customer experience.

Create the best customer experiences with VoC

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every successful business.  

Imagine knowing exactly what your customers need – and being able to deliver their wants before the competition. Every time. 

Our Voice of the Customer software has got you covered. 

It uses customer satisfaction feedback to help you spot business opportunities and weaknesses through regular data collection and analysis.  

Key Features

Customer Surveys

Customer feedback is like gold dust, and the best kind of feedback comes from all demographics. We use a wide range of survey distribution methods to help make sure that you hear the views of all your customers. 

Feedback is collected via IVR, SMS, Online (including Email, Web and Webchat) and Mobile Apps. 

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Customer Insights

VOC’s robust, enterprise-level reporting will help you transform customer insights into results.  

With a fully customisable CX Analytics dashboard, you can easily keep track of everything from KPIs to customer responses and trends. Simply decide upon your priorities and make your dashboard your own.  

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Staff Performance

Nothing impacts your customer experience as much as your team’s performance.

Your staff are the face of your brand and their performance directly impacts customer satisfaction. Manage and incentivise staff, with a wide range of team and management tools, including 1:1 appraisal scheduling, staff recognition incentive, and objective tracking, we can help you to deliver the best employee and customer experiences.  

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Happy customers make loyal customers

Give your customers the meaningful interactions they’re looking for  

We can help you to keep happy customers coming back and show you why others may need to reengage.  


VoC can help improve

Customer Recovery

Customer loss can feel inevitable. But with VoC software, we can help you to easily identify and appease dissatisfied customers, so you can turn a bad situation around.

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Customer Service

Make a lasting impression by implementing exceptional service across your customer lifecycle.

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Brand Relationships

Improving customer interactions to help deepen their relationship and loyalty to your brand.

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Contact center worker providing a great customer experience.

How we can help you

We can help you to build the foundations of a customer-centric culture by doing something so many businesses fail to do: listening to your customers.  

Our Voice of the Customer tools will support you to create an organisation-wide strategy to address – and make the most of – valuable customer feedback.  

Whether it’s demonstrating the business value of an improved NPS score, identifying how to reduce the customer struggle or targeting training where it is most needed – we’ll be there to support you from the get-go.   

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