Insights Management

VoC analytics for Insights Managers  

Insights Management

VoC analytics for Insights Managers  

Really get to know your customers with tailored surveying

With VoC software you can bag your business the customer insights it needs to succeed.  

80% increase in revenue when businesses focus on customer experience.

Tap into your customer insights to deliver unforgettable CX

Our VoC software can help you to execute your customer insight initiatives, providing access to feedback across the entire customer journey using Omnichannel Surveys. 

You can ensure the broadest base of customer feedback is collected with the wide range of channels our survey tool provides, including IVR, SMS, email, web, webchat and mobile apps.

Employees looking at customer experience solutions on a laptop.

Customer insights all under one roof

We can help you manage your insight projects by presenting a clear view of your business’s customer feedback, NPS, and more.  

With Bedrock, we can provide you with customised views to ensure that everyone within your team gets the vital CX data they need, quickly.  

As an Insights Manager, you will gain a holistic view that provides access to all customer feedback collected. And all related team performance data.

How we help

Customers are at the core of every business. We help organisations to build the foundations of a customer- centric culture that really listens to its customers.  

Our CX solutions can help you to create a business  customer strategy to address and utilise customer feedback. 

Empowering you to make informed decisions, improve product development, successfully direct sales initiatives, target marketing campaigns, and optimise customer service, through the gathering of relevant insights 

Let us help you to maximise the potential of your business. For you, and your customers.  

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