AML Checks

Stay on top of your compliance and avoid financial exploitation

AML Checks

Stay on top of your compliance and avoid financial exploitation

As a regulated entity, you are obliged to obey your jurisdiction’s AML (anti-money laundering) laws.

The aim being to prevent undesirables from laundering money and exploiting both your business and the wider economy.

Consequently, your AML controls and procedures need to evolve continuously in accordance with changing legislation. Our Anti-Money Laundering Checks can help you to stay on top of your compliance to avoid financial exploitation and penalty.

“2 second average processing time for check results when using Davies’ AML Checks”

How we can help

Reduce risk

Manage risk and gain client identity assurance to satisfy regulations

Streamline onboarding

Adopt an unrivalled customer experience through faster digital onboarding

Maintain compliance

Always stay up-to-date and protected with advanced AML controls

Online AML Checks in seconds

Quickly assess and validate client identity and address.

Our JMLSG and 5th Directive compliant AML Checks will verify your clients against:

  • Full and edited UK electoral registers (current and historic)
  • Recent credit file activity data
  • Birth index register
  • Telephone directory
  • Mortality register
  • Departure register
  • Sanctions (HMT, EU and OFAC)
  • PEP databases (UK domestic and global)

With optional screening of:

  • Passports (UK and global)
  • GB driving licence
  • National Insurance number

Need to check a non-UK resident? We also offer an international ID check, which can validate international passports and EU ID cards, as well as screen clients against our global PEP and Sanction databases.

We also provide optional screening of UK and global identification documents, when you need it.

When required, our AML Checks can be carried out via a mobile phone app. This includes additional features, such as a selfie liveness check and options for ID document capture.

Find out more about our online identity verification check.

Secure batch screening of legacy clients

Rapidly screen your existing client base in minutes using our batch processing facility.

With our batch processing service, we can help you to perform high-volume single-submission checks quickly and simply. Allowing for collated and individual report results, with instant overview and full drill-down functionality.

It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to process quantities of:

  • AML checks
  • PEP/Sanctions

Helping you to reduce risk, minimise admin, and maintain compliance.

The robust and customer-friendly route to full AML compliance

Our AML Checks can help you balance your regulatory compliance obligations and onboarding experience needs with ease. With simple software integration, enabling you to conduct all your AML compliance from one place.

Our consultants will work with you to find the best method of integrating our anti-money laundering checks into your existing case management, CRM or third-party system.

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