PEP & Sanctions

Rapid PEP and Sanction Checks for AML compliance

PEP & Sanctions

Rapid PEP and Sanction Checks for AML compliance

A politically exposed person (PEP) is someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function.

PEPs are considered higher risk clients because they are more at risk to the exposure of bribery and corruption due to their public position. Due to this vulnerability, it is important to apply enhanced client due diligence when working with these individuals.

Sanctions are a bit different – these are restrictions used to stop those who are suspected of already committing illegal acts.

PEP and sanctions are integral to any robust AML compliance regime, as they can help you perform a robust risk assessment on each individual client. Our PEP and Sanctions Checks are rapid, providing instant results to help you make informed decisions to safeguard your business.

How can our PEP and Sanctions Checks help your business?

1. Stay compliant – satisfy your AML obligations by rapidly screening clients against our comprehensive PEP and sanction database
2. Reduce risk – adopt a risk-based approach to protect your business from potential financial exploitation
3. Improve onboarding – quickly check client details for a streamlined onboarding experience that impresses without skipping on security.

PEP and Sanctions Screening for robust due diligence

PEP check

Includes screening against domestic and global registers of politically exposed persons, including known family members and associates of PEPs together with location and role of the matching PEP.

This service is available as a standalone check or as part of our AML Checks.

Sanctions check

Instant screening against UK HMT, UN, EU and OFAC sanctions lists, giving full details of potential matches.

This service is available as a standalone check or as part of our AML Checks.

PEP and sanction monitoring

Your due diligence must stretch beyond the initial onboarding stage.

Our PEP and sanction monitoring service is designed to support your ongoing due diligence practices, allowing regular screening of your existing client-base against the PEP and sanctions lists in accordance with UK AML regulations.

This includes an overnight screening of submitted client lists, with daily alerts for change in PEP or sanctions status.

Access PEP and Sanctions Screening via single API

PEP and Sanctions screening can help you balance your regulatory compliance obligations and onboarding experience needs with ease.

Our consultants will work with you to facilitate the simple integration of our PEP and Sanctions Checks into your existing case management, CRM or third-party system, enabling you to conduct all your AML compliance from one place.

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