KYE Suite

Know who you’re hiring with Pre-employment screening

KYE Suite

Know who you’re hiring with Pre-employment screening

Helping you to make sensible and savvy recruitment decisions for your business.

39% increase in employee stress due to poor recruitment.

Employee screening will help you to reduce risk and protect your business

Hiring the wrong candidate is costly, with the impact of a bad hire affecting everything from employee productivity and customer satisfaction to eventually, a loss in revenue.

Pre-employment screening of potential hires is critical in order to protect your business from financial risk and internal fraud.

Eliminate the damage of a bad hire with our range of employee background checks.

Our Know Your Employee suite can help you

Reduce financial risk and fraud

Know who you are hiring.

Whilst employee background checks are a vital part of the recruitment process, they can be overwhelming and tedious if not carried out efficiently.

We help HR professionals and hiring managers adhere to their compliance obligations with ease through our range of integrated background checks.

We can help you screen and filter out undesirable candidates early, to ensure your positions are correctly filled within the shortest possible timeframe.

Explore our risk management range.

Comprehensive pre-employment screening for HR

We can help your HR teams:

  • Gain assurance of eligibility for role and right to work
  • Avoid costly remediation and reputational damage
  • Ensure rapid introduction of the right candidate
  • Enhance talent acquisition strategies

Our KYE Suite

ID Checks

With our comprehensive, pre-employment screening solutions, you can simplify checks of key HR data and in-depth screening for identity, adverse credit, or judicial elements.

Core tools include:

  • ID check – allowing you to quickly assess and validate client identity and address
  • Global ID validation
  • UK address verification
  • Bank account verification
Explore our ID checks features

Adverse financial check

Quickly perform necessary due diligence checks to reduce potential fraud

  • CCJ check
  • Bankruptcies screening
Explore our credit screen features

Criminal records checks

Protect your organisation from potential security risks

  • Basic disclosures
  • Standard disclosures
  • Enhanced disclosures
Explore our Online DBS checks

Our versatile and adaptable API

By bringing together multiple SaaS applications within our API, we can streamline your HR workflow and enhance your recruitment processes.

Our KYE and pre-employment screening suite can be integrated with your organisation’s HR systems to give on-demand or automated access to a broad range of in-depth background checks.

Integration with our API provides instant screening for CCJs, bankruptcies, IVAs with disclosure & barring service reports, address and identity verification and document validation to ascertain right to work.

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