EIDV & Facial Recognition

Swift and secure online identity verification for speedy onboarding 

EIDV & Facial Recognition

Swift and secure online identity verification for speedy onboarding 

Your clients expect a fast moving service. In fact, most abandon applications if asked to fill in a series of manual forms and post ID documentation.

With our Electronic Identity Verification (EIDV) app, we can provide an alternative. We can help you to remotely screen your clients in minutes, whilst maintaining full AML and KYC compliance, giving prospective clients full control over their rapid onboarding experience.


How can we help you?

  1. Reduce risk – gain rapid client identity assurance to minimise fraud
  2. Streamline onboarding – adopt superior CX through faster digital onboarding
  3. Maintain compliance – always stay protected with advanced AML and KYC controls

Gain seamless onboarding with on-the-go identity verification

Meet your compliance needs and achieve optimal client satisfaction through superior onboarding with our self-serve, identity verification checks.

With rapid, seamless client-led verification, delays become a thing of the past.

How does it work?
  1. Your client will receive an invitation to download the app to perform the check
  2. Your client will then be guided through a process of taking a selfie with liveness check, and scanning either one or two ID documents with document capture.
  3. We will confirm a biometric match and run address matching, PEP and Sanctions, and credit screen database checks for a thorough identity check
  4. Your client is verified in minutes and you will be notified immediately.

Our electronic identity verification checks can be used to mitigate the risk of identity fraud and can support your AML checking process. For better security and greater peace of mind.

Using the very best identity verification tech

Security is of prime importance to us. Powered by LexisNexis, our online identity verification check provides our clients with extensive data via market-leading verification technology.

Built on the principle of multi-factor authentication, this technology screens clients against multiple identity assurance points for a robust and thorough check. Ensuring that with one simple solution, you can authenticate your client’s identity safely and securely, whilst limiting onboarding friction.

Monitor and manage the identity verification process with API integration

We can help you to balance your identity risk management, KYC compliance obligations, and onboarding experience needs with ease.

Our consultants will work with you to seamlessly integrate our digital identity verification check into your existing case management, CRM or third-party system.

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