Lawyer Checker

Protect your business against property scams and fraud

Lawyer Checker

Protect your business against property scams and fraud

‘I lost thousands of pounds of clients’ money to Cyber Fraud.’

We have all heard horror stories of businesses, solicitors, lawyers unknowingly transmitting client’s funds to a scam account, losing thousands – sometimes hundreds of thousands – in the process.

With Lawyer Checker, we can help to protect you against the increasingly-prevalent threat of property transaction fraud. With one simple action, you can be certain that client funds are transferred to a legitimate bank account controlled by the vendor’s solicitors, and nowhere else.

How can we help you?

  • Peace of mind – feel confident that you are protecting your business and trade
  • Enhanced risk management – ensure client funds are being transmitted to genuine third-party accounts
  • Full compliance – reduce risk by implementing SRA recommended actions

Robust screening against multiple conveyancing databases

Mitigate risk with thorough screening. By identifying records of use associated with a vendor conveyancer’s account, you can be certain that you are always dealing with the right people.

Our screening services supply:

Bank account validation

Screening 10+ conveyancing related databases to highlight any signs of fraudulent activity.

Real-time analysis

With the delivery of real-time analysis reports of the law firm in question, and their bank account details, you will never be left guessing or waiting.

Make Lawyer Checker part of your existing software

Lawyer Checker can help you protect your firm from reputational and financial damage by preventing the transferring client funds to criminals.

Whether you’re using a bespoke case management, CRM, or third-party system, our consultants will work with you to smoothly integrate Lawyer Checker into your existing software. Enabling you to conduct all your verification checks from one place.

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