Compliance for financial services



Compliance for financial services


We can help you to comply with AML and FCA requirements, onboard new clients rapidly, and gain a competitive advantage through superior client experience.

£189.8 million in levelled fines by the FCA in 2020-2021.”

We’re here to help financial services businesses

  • Remain compliant with current AML regulations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through superior client onboarding.
  • Access top-quality databases for robust screening.

Ensuring financial firms stay AML compliant

The financial sector presents a lucrative target for opportunistic fraudsters, money launderers, and scammers.

FinServ’s strength is its array of products to their clients; however, this means they’re open and vulnerable to money laundering.

We can help your business go beyond the basics with our range of AML solutions, designed to protect your business from criminal and financial exploitation.

Our secure AML checks include automatic screening against multiple databases to ensure robust client due diligence.

Ward off fraudsters and protect your business with our regulatory compliance range.

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Improving the onboarding experience for financial clients

Manual form filling and ID checking should be a thing of the past. Clients now expect to be onboarded quickly.

Our client onboarding solutions can help automate your KYC processes, verifying clients in a matter of seconds against multiple industry-leading identity databases.

Through integration with your existing management systems, we can streamline your client onboarding processes. Saving time, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Reduce friction & onboard clients faster.

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Who do we help?

Our solutions have helped many kinds of financial companies including;

  • Lending
  • Capital markets
  • Asset management
  • Payments
  • Building societies
  • Commercial banks

How our API can aid the financial sector

Protect both revenue and reputation via a simple integration for ongoing checks, and batch options for annual screening and remediations.

Our flexible API ensure that you stay fully compliant, while allowing you to select the best-fitting solutions for your clients.

Let us help you to model the best technical and commercial fit for your business and your client’s needs.

Our integrated solutions can help you to enhance the client onboarding experience, and unlock new growth and potential for your business.

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