Compliance for estate agents and property companies 



Compliance for estate agents and property companies 


Safeguard your business against regulatory penalty, and onboard new clients rapidly with our API solution.

1 million+ property transactions in the UK in 2020.

£107,669 is what the average UK property scam costs.”

We help property firms…

  • Remain compliant with current AML regulations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through superior client onboarding.
  • Reduce tenant risk through robust background screening.

Providing robust AML for estate agents and property professionals

The potential gains from a single transaction make the property sector a favourite hunting-ground for fraudsters, money launderers and scammers.

Staying compliant in a high-risk sector subject to rigorous scrutiny is vital.

Our AML compliance goes beyond the basics to ensure that you stay on top of your obligations without slowing down sales.

We can help you to achieve optimal compliance, ward off competition, and provide superior a client experience.

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Improving the onboarding experience for property clients

Research shows that consumers often abandon application processes as soon as they are asked to present ID face-to-face.

Whether onboarding a client, tenant, landlord, or company, our KYC compliance solutions enable you to rapidly verify identity – giving you a solid foundation to optimise client onboarding operations.

Integrate with your existing management systems to streamline your client onboarding processes, saving time to place attention where it matters most.

Reduce friction, screen against bad actors and onboard serious clients faster. Enhancing your business performance, reducing application drop-off and generating growth.

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Screen potential tenants to manage risk and defend against fraud.

Screening potential tenants for adverse data allows transparent risk-mitigation for managed properties.

We can help you to check your tenants quickly and easily, with our credit screening solution, available via API.

Our credit screening gives immediate notification of the presence of adverse data on client credit files, covering CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcies, together with address verification.

Protecting your business against bad relationships and fraud.

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Who do we help?

Our vast array of solutions have helped many kinds of property companies including:

  • Real estate agents
  • Letting agents & landlords
  • Property management
  • Property development
  • Property & land auctioneers
  • Property investment

Our versatile and adaptable API for the property sector

As a property professional you have the difficult task of balancing both regulatory compliance and client experience.

Our flexible API allows you to choose the best-fitting solutions for individual client touchpoints, whilst helping you remain fully compliant.

Working with your compliance team, our consultants will help model the best technical and commercial fit for your need. Boosting the client onboarding experience and unlocking accelerated business growth with an integrated suite of solutions.

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