ID Check

Do you know who you’re working with? Easy online ID checks always keep you in the picture

ID Check

Do you know who you’re working with? Easy online ID checks always keep you in the picture

ID validation is crucial when carrying out background checks on potential hires

For compliance – and the security of your business – you must always know who you’re working with.

Our quick, secure online ID Checks – ideal for DBS route 2, as well as quick validation of clients where AML screening is not essential – can help you validate potential employees quickly and easily, safeguarding your business from potential exploitation.


“Our identity checks are typically returned within 2 seconds.”

How we can help you

1. Prevent fraud – quickly identity fake passports and IDs with ease as they are screened across multiple market-leading identity assurance data sources.
2. Improve onboarding – adopt digital ID validation to speed up onboarding and improve overall CX
3. Reduce admin – remove the need for manual or face-to-face checking to save time, money and improve compliance

Robust screening using market-leading databases

Our Identity Check facility validates identity using a wide range of data sources and checks.

How it works:

Our ID check compares the applicant’s details entered against a variety of data sources, including the full electoral role, departure and mortality registers, birth index register, and more.

A decision is then produced in seconds and immediately displayed within a report for your convivence – highlighting if the individual passed the identity check or needs further investigation.


Use our powerful API to seamlessly integrate ID checks into your existing infrastructure

For a slicker onboarding experience, our ID Checks enable you to validate an individual’s identity fast.

Working with your team, our consultants will help you to integrate ID checking into your existing case management, CRM, or third-party system software, enabling you to conduct all your verification identity checks from one place.

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