Risk Management

Risk management solutions 

Risk Management

Risk management solutions 

Our risk solutions can enable you to assess potential risk posed by individual & corporate actors, to avoid compliance shortcomings & breaches.  

£137 billion in annual fraud costs for UK businesses and individuals.”

86% of businesses predict loss of income as result of reputational damage.”

High-level risk mitigation

Protect your business from unsuitable applicants, clients, suppliers & partners.

Our risk management range are designed to strengthen your risk assessment processes, reduce the risk of identity fraud & deliver exceptional onboarding experiences.

Access cross-functional risk-mitigation checks with our flexible API to protect from commercial loss, fraudulent activity, reputational damage, and regulatory penalty.

Key Benefits

Quickly screen individuals & corporate actors to prevent unsuitable business alliances
Speed up onboarding processes by digitalising the verification process
Remain fully compliant to safeguard against penalty & fraud

AML Suite

Mitigate & manage client risk with AML compliance

Risk assess new and existing customers with ease.

Screen & monitor applicants against a range of integrated data sources for maximum security & protection.

Our AML suite can ensure that your client due diligence processes remain fully secure & efficient.

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KYC Suite

Reduce the risk of identity fraud

Know your client to maintain compliance.

Validate and verify client identity before embarking upon any business alliance or relationship.

Our KYC suite is designed to strengthen your customer identity management processes and reduce the risk of identity fraud.

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KYB Suite

Mitigate against the risk of business fraud

Protect your business from unsuitable corporate prospects & partnerships.

Checking the legitimacy of any business relationship is important for the survival for any enterprise.

Our KYB suite can help you adopt a risk-based approach and carry out due diligence on all business prospects in order to mitigate the risk of exposing your company to reputational & financial damage.

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KYE Suite

Prevent internal fraud with robust Pre-Employment Screening (PES)

Know who you are hiring.

We can help you screen and filter out undesirable candidates at first opportunity.

Eliminate the damage of a bad hire by screening potential employees to protect your business from financial risk & internal fraud.

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Our versatile & adaptable API

An effective risk management regime is an absolute necessity to protect your business, trade & your clients.

Our API can allow you to screen & monitor applicants against a range of integrated data sources for maximum security & protection.

We can help you choose the best-fitting solutions for individual client touchpoints whilst helping you remain fully compliant.

Our consultants will work with your compliance team to model the best technical and commercial fit for your need.

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