Company Credit Reports

Protect your organisation against financial risk with company credit checks 

Company Credit Reports

Protect your organisation against financial risk with company credit checks 

With organisational fraud on the rise, to safeguard the integrity of your company it is vital that you screen any corporate entity you wish to conduct business with.

Our Company Credit Reports can help you carry out thorough due diligence on clients, suppliers and partnerships to help protect your business and ‘know your business’.

We can help you make confident decisions, ensuring that neither your reputation or your finances will be put at risk from ingenuine or unsuitable partnerships.

How can we help you?

  1. Prevent bad debt – gain up-to-date stats to assess current creditworthiness
  2. Stay compliant – support your KYB checks by verifying the organisation you intend to do business with
  3. Accelerated decision-making collect vital business and market intelligence instantly for a competitive edge

Powerful business intelligence for swift decision-making

We can provide access to UK and international company credit reports, including:

  • Credit score uniquely calculated to summarise the company’s risk profile
  • Company background information including UBOs, directorships, and shareholders details
  • Financial statements including balance sheets, profit and loss account, and ratios
  • Adverse credit data such as CCJs and bankruptcies

Have up-to-date, vital, and comprehensive corporate information at your fingertips, we support from Davies.

Our Company Credit Reports can provide you with the vital business intelligence you need to protect and grow your organisation.

Handle multiple API checks with our Batch Processing service

Whether you’re dealing with legacy checks, or need to onboard multiple personnel in a limited period, our batch processing services can save you time, frustration, and risk.

Integrate our Company Credit Reports into your existing systems

Access via API allows busy professionals to manage and monitor their checks via a single interface.

At one click of a button, you could request a business report of any registered corporate entity within the UK.

International company reports are also available on request.

Protect your business with quick and secure Company Credit Reports.
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