API Integration

Build-your-own checking systems designed for your business exclusively

API Integration

Build-your-own checking systems designed for your business exclusively

We get it. Every business is unique and will have its own compliance and operational needs.

Our powerful and versatile API enables clients to securely choose, access and harness data from various suppliers. This allows for near-instant screening against a range of industry-approved databases, powering informed and intelligent risk management decisions for you. And improving the customer experience for your clients.


Optimise your workflow and processes with our bespoke checking system

You know what matters most to your business. Benefit from the availability of granular check components, with our ‘build your own’ system. Using our API, you can integrate the checks and data elements that are important to you – along with our established aggregated data propositions – into your CRM. So, you have access to, and control of, all the data and checks you need, in one place.

Our unmatched internal workflow checking system delivers:


Choose and integrate the checks or elements you need for your risk, compliance, or onboarding needs.


Run concurrent multiple checks by combining the elements you need to cover for your business.

Superior service:

Leverage various high-quality data streams to allow clients to gain an accurate and speedy assessment of customer risk.


Securely access an array of reputable databases from market-leading suppliers to ensure you stay compliant with your AML and KYC obligations.

Need some inspiration for your bespoke check?

  • Integrate our AML Checks with a subsequent Source and Proof of Funds Check triggered by completion – perfect for conveyancing professionals.
  • Leverage the power of our AML and credit screen functionality to create one single check for ultimate convenience.

Our dedicated team has got your back

Whatever the nature of your business, we’ll will work with you to model the best technical and commercial fit for your needs.

How it works:

  1. You tell us your requirements
  2. We offer a plan of action either using our ready-built checks or suggest custom options to fit your needs
  3. Working together, we ensure optimal solution implementation
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