Legal Services

Compliance for solicitors and legal services


Legal Services

Compliance for solicitors and legal services


Ensure your business complies with AML regulations, LSAG, and SRA guidance, to safeguard against penalty, while providing superior a customer experience through the rapid onboarding of new clients.

20% of UK law firms found to be non-compliant with AML regulations.”

£37 billion in costs a year for serious and organised crime in the UK.”

We help legal firms…

  • Remain compliant with current AML regulations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through superior client onboarding.
  • Access high quality data sources for robust background screening

High-level AML for solicitors

With the potential for high gains, the legal sector is a prime target for fraudsters, money launderers and scammers.

Weak processes can leave the door wide open for criminals, causing long-term reputational and financial damage.

Our AML compliance goes beyond the basics to ensure you always stay on top of your obligations.

Screen clients against multiple industry-leading databases for the best protection with our anti-money laundering checks for solicitors.

Ward off fraudsters and protect your firm from criminal exploitation.

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Advanced KYC for law firms

Create slicker onboarding experiences to generate client growth.

Our KYC solutions enable you to rapidly verify identity, giving you a solid foundation to optimise client onboarding operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Integrate with your existing case management systems to streamline your client onboarding processes, saving time to place attention where it matters most.

Rapidly assess customer-risk and onboard serious clients faster.

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Gain rapid approval for BOOMS with DBS checks

Established firms must seek approval for new beneficial owners, officers, and managers (BOOMs) before they take up their role.

Our DBS checks allows you to screen at the appropriate levels for BOOMs.

Disclosure and Barring Service checks of all levels are available via our API to enable rapid, efficient, and cost-effective BOOM checks whenever you need them.

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Who do we help?

Our vast array of solutions have helped many kinds of legal services including;

  • Conveyancing
  • Wills and probate
  • Commercial
  • Dispute resolution
  • Corporate and insolvency
  • Insurance litigation
  • Aviation and shipping
  • Taxation

Our versatile and adaptable API for the legal sector

If you are in a high-risk sector subject to rigorous scrutiny, staying compliant is vital.

Our flexible API helps you to remain fully compliant, while allowing you to choose the best-fitting solutions for individual client touchpoints.

Our consultants will work with your compliance team to model the best technical and commercial fit for your need.

Integrating our solutions will help you remain fully compliant, boost the client onboarding experience, and unlock accelerated business growth.

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