Credit Screen

Mitigate risk & safeguard your business with Adverse Financial Checks

Credit Screen

Mitigate risk & safeguard your business with Adverse Financial Checks

As part of your Pre-Employment Screening (PES) programme, it is vital to check employees for any history of financial mismanagement.

Especially if you’re a regulated entity supervised by the FCA, where you need to assess whether potential hires are ‘fit and proper’ for a controlled function role.

We can help you to financially background screen new employees in minutes, checking for CCJS, bankruptcies, and any adverse financial information so that your firm has all it needs to make intelligent and informed hiring decisions.

“Our checks are typically returned within 2 seconds.”

How can we help you?

  1. Verifying identity and reducing risk – prevent internal fraud by quickly identifying high risk and unsuitable individuals
  2. Meeting due diligence standards – incorporate adverse financial checks into your background checking screening process to ensure suitability of employees
  3. Ongoing protection to changing circumstances – maintain peace of mind with access to re-run checks as and when needed

Instant detection of adverse credit data

Includes the ability to screen UK residents for:

  • CCJs
  • Bankruptcies
  • IVAs and Scottish equivalents

Our credit screens also give details of judgments and registrations including amounts, locations, and dates, with confirmation of address.

Let us help you recruit with confidence by providing quick insights for safe and informed decision making.

Manage PES with API integration

The cost of a bad hire is astronomical. In just a few seconds you could arm yourself with the invaluable and in-depth insight you need to make the best choices for your business.

Our Adverse Financial Checks help empower HR and hiring managers to make robust recruitment decision, through the use of a single API interface.

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