DBS Checks

Smart and secure hiring with online DBS Checks  

DBS Checks

Smart and secure hiring with online DBS Checks  

DBS Checks can help you to safeguard against unsuitable candidates by thoroughly screening the backgrounds of your potential hires.

There are three levels of DBS checks available:

  • Basic

This can be requested by any employer and will show any unspent criminal convictions.

  • Standard

Commonly used in the legal and financial industry, standard checks will show any unspent and spent criminal convictions.

  • Enhanced

Most often needed for roles such as healthcare, where working with vulnerable adults and children is common. Therefore, it is the most in-depth and normally contains a screen against the barred list.

Our DBS online service offers all three levels of disclosures, to help you to protect your businesses and know your employees.

How we can help you:

  1. Rapid Pre-Employment Screening (PES) – simple and cost-effective access to all types of DBS check for robust background screening.
  2. Maintain compliance and security – stay in the good books of your regulators as our standard and enhanced DBS checks can satisfy your professional body requirements for fitness and propriety checks.

Fast, secure and robust DBS Checks for employers

How does it work?
  1. Our consultants will work with you to ensure you gain access to the appropriate level of disclosure for your applicants.
  2. Access available via API to basic, standard, and/or enhanced DBS Checks
  3. Invite your applicant to fill in an online form with everything needed to process the check
  4. Swiftly verify the applicant’s details and in the click of a button, send the application off for processing
  5. You’ll then be notified immediately of a result and the applicant will be sent a certificate

Manage and monitor the process with API integration

Our online DBS Checks help empower your HR team to make robust recruitment decisions.

Access via API allows busy HR teams to manage and monitor applications through a single interface.

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