KYB Suite

Really know who you’re doing business with

KYB Suite

Really know who you’re doing business with

Get hold of essential businesses information and intelligence about business entities around the world

Our ‘Know Your Business’ report feed provides up-to-date and in-depth intelligence on limited and public companies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many others.

1 second is the average delivery time for our comprehensive UK and overseas business reports.

Protect your organisation with vital business verification data

Tough economic conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for business fraud.

Checking the legitimacy of any business relationship is important for the survival for any enterprise.

Our Know Your Business suite is designed to enable you to adopt a risk-based approach and carry out due diligence on all prospects and partnerships in order to mitigate the risk of exposing your company to reputational and financial damage.

Supporting your client due diligence, our KYB Checks can help you:

  • Verify company background information
  • Identify persons with significant control and UBOs
  • Access any company’s annual returns and statements


How our KYB suite can help you

Mitigate against risk of fraud

Protect your business from unsuitable prospects and partnerships.

Our company verification solutions are designed to strengthen your due diligence processes, safeguard cashflow, protect supply chains, and reduce the risk of business fraud.

Use our data to find out whether a client is;

  • Financially sound
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Registered and verified
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Discover our KYB suite

Reducing risk by screening is increasingly crucial in business.

We can help facilitate rapid decision-making by providing you with access to clear analysis based on the latest business information.

Our KYB Checks allow for robust due diligence, providing the first and most important barrier against corporate fraud.

Benefit from company credit checks and verify company information to reduce your risk through vital credit-screening:

  • Company verification
  • Credit scores & limits
  • Structures & shareholder information
  • Directorship checks
  • Adverse information
  • Financial & payment details
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Lawyer checker

Screen against fraud by confirming record of use associated with conveyancer bank accounts.

  • Bank account validation
  • Real-time analysis
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Our versatile and adaptable API

Gain access to vital business intelligence delivered via API. Our platform offers immediate access to UK and overseas data without multiple platform fees.

Discover vital business information for UK and global companies, covering activity and structural fundamentals, key financials & individuals, and an assessment of creditworthiness, as and when you need it.

Our KYB suite collates corporate data on entities and individuals from multiple sources. This data allows rapid risk screening and enables you to mitigate against risk and remain fully compliant.

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