Regulatory Compliance

Financial crime compliance 

Regulatory Compliance

Financial crime compliance 

Robust financial crime compliance for optimum security that goes beyond the basics 

40 component checks with our API”

£23.8m is the largest AML fine imposed so far by UK regulators.”


Regulatory technology designed to defend against crime

As a UK regulated entity, you are subject by law to oblige with certain AML and due diligence practices in order to combat money laundering.

AML regulators are increasingly becoming more aggressive in enforcing their compliance standards. And if your AML procedures are not watertight, there is serious cause for concern.

Non-compliance is expensive – not just with harsh penalties threatening your finances. But also for the reputation of your business, which could ultimately lead to a loss in clients, business and trade.

Having proactive AML compliance practices in place doesn’t just make good business sense. It is a business necessity. Safeguard your business against financial crime and exploitation with quality AML compliance solutions.

Invest in regulatory compliance for future success

Regulatory compliance is often thought of as a chore, a tick box exercise that you ought to do.  

We believe that Regtech is not just about protecting businesses from the obvious pitfalls of compliance, but that it can contribute to positive transformations of often lacklustre operations.  

It can allow firms to remove operationally deficient obstacles so that focus can be directed towards business opportunity and growth.  

This is why many businesses have turned to regulatory compliance solutions in order to adapt to the digital consumer, and optimise customer experience and onboarding, all whilst achieving maximum compliance.  

The adoption of financial crime compliance solutions, like ours, can allow firms to strike the right balance between maintaining robust compliance and delivering superior customer experience.  

Key Benefits

Streamline onboarding for a competitive customer experience
Maintain full compliance in accordance to current UK AML regulations
Safeguard your businesses from penalty with proactive compliance measures

AML Suite

Protect your organisation from exploitation with robust AML compliance

Helping you to manage risk and avoid both reputational and financial damage, our AML compliance goes beyond the basics to ensure you stay in control of your AML obligations.

With our secure AML checks, you can gain automatic screening against multiple market-leading databases to ensure robust client due diligence.

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KYC Suite

Verify client identity with ease

Get to know your client thoroughly with robust ID proofing and validation.

With our identity electronic verification checks, you can screen applicants quickly and efficiently. On-the-go, remote verification is also available via mobile app technology.

Our KYC solutions can ensure that your due diligence and customer identity risk checks remain fully secure and efficient.

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Make the most of our versatile and adaptable API

An effective regulatory compliance regime is an absolute necessity to satisfy both the regulations and your clients.

Our API can help you to screen and monitor applicants against a range of integrated data sources for maximum security and protection.

We can help you choose the best-fitting solutions for individual client touchpoints whilst helping you remain fully compliant.

With our knowledge and your industry expertise, we can devise the perfect model to deliver the best technical and commercial fit for your business needs.

Protect your business against fraudsters ensure compliance with our market-leading regulatory compliance range.

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